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Licensable Flash Games from Novel Games Exceeds 150

Novel Games has reached a new milestone in its business of Flash game licensing, as the number of licensable Flash games has exceeded 150. With more than 150 Flash games available for licensing to be used in websites, CDs or other applications, Novel Games has become one of industry leaders in the area of Flash game licensing.

The games offered by Novel Games comes from a wide variety of categories: puzzle games, action games, sports games, educational games, etc. So when you need a game to be put in your website, instead of going out to find somebody to develop the game for you, you can simply visit the website of Novel Games to see if a similar game is available for licensing. Licensing the game has several advantages over having someone to develop it: first, you can get the working game immediately by licensing, whereas you will need to wait for months for developing the game; second, you can get the game with as low as USD 100 with licensing, while you need to spend typically more than USD 1000 for developing the game; finally, with licensing you can see the end result of the game before you pay, it is not uncommon to pay someone thousands of dollars to develop a game, only later to find out that the game is not what you want.

Novel Games also offers game customization services, you can have your logos, your characters and other graphics appear in the game. Some of the customization work is free of charge, while others would require a small customization cost, and this customization charge can be waived if a large number of games is to be licensed.

There are two ways to license the games, the first is to license the source codes, and the second is to license only the game SWF files. Licensing the source codes gives more flexibility, as you can modify the games in any way you want, but you need to know how to create Flash movies and the licensing cost is more expensive. If you do not need the source codes you can license the SWF files instead, the cost is lower but you cannot customize the games yourselves.

You can find free samples and license the games here: http://www.novelgames.com/gamelicense/?ad=28

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About Novel Games:

Since 2001, Novel Games has been developing and marketing family safe games of all kinds. It now offers 151 Flash games for online entertainment, with new games being added each week.

Website: http://www.novelgames.com
Contact: Peter Lee, enquiry@novelgames.com
Postal Address: Novel Games Limited, Rm 812, 8/F, Yick Tai Industrial Building, 650 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 27860761
Fax: (852) 27860771
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