Corner Stones Solitaire

This game is played with 2 decks of cards. First, 12 cards are dealt into 2 columns as the start of 12 tableau piles. The 4 cards in the corners are turned sideways. The remaining cards form the stock pile. Between the two columns of cards are 8 spaces for 8 foundation piles, one column for piles starting with A's, the other for piles starting with K's. The object of the game is to move all the cards to 8 foundation piles, where foundations starting with A are built up in suit, and those starting with K are built down in suit. Note that the foundation piles in the same row must have the same suit. The cards in the corners can be moved to any of the foundation piles, while the cards in other tableau piles can only be moved to the foundation piles in the same row. The foundation cards can also be moved to each other. The tableau piles can be stacked up or down regardless of suits, wrapping from K to A and A to K if necessary. Empty tableau piles are filled automatically by a card from the stock pile. Press the stock cards to deal one card to each of the tableau piles. When the stock cards are empty, the restriction about moving from tableau piles to foundation piles are lifted, cards from any tableau piles can be moved to any foundation piles. There are 2 redeals. The more cards you move to the foundation piles, the higher your rank.