Dog Solitaire

This game is played with 2 decks of cards. First, 4 A's and 4 K's are dealt as the start of 8 foundation piles. Then remaining cards are dealt one by one face up to 13 tableau piles. The first tableau pile is called the A pile, the second pile is called the 2 pile, and so on. When a card with a rank the same as the name of the tableau pile that it is about to be dealt to, the card is moved face down to a heel pile, and the next card is dealt to the tableau pile instead. The object of the game is to move all the cards to 8 foundation piles, where foundations starting with A are built up in suit, and those starting with K are built down in suit. The top card of a tableau pile can be moved to the foundations. The foundation cards can also be moved to each other. You can also turn over the top card in the heel pile, if it cannot be moved to the foundations, then you can rearrange the tableau pile named as the rank of the card. Each tableau pile can only be rearranged once, after rearranging, turn the pile 90 degrees to indicate that this pile has been rearranged. If the tableau pile indicated by the heel card has already been rearranged, you can select any other tableau pile to rearrange. Continue playing until all the heel cards have been turned over, and then you can collect the cards to redeal. The cards are collected in the order of the A tableau pile to the 6 tableau pile, then the K tableau pile, then the heel pile, then the Q tableau pile to the 7 tableau pile. The cards are redealt in the same way as before. There are 2 redeals. The more cards you move to the foundation piles, the higher your rank.