Saint George Solitaire

This game is very similar to Fourteens in a Cross Solitaire, except that the layout is different and there is more flexibility with the stock cards. This game is played with 2 decks of cards. First, 48 cards are dealt into a grid of 8 columns and 6 rows. The remaining cards form the stock pile. The object of the game is to match cards that sum to 14, and then remove them. A is 1, J is 11, Q is 12, and K is 13. Cards that are adjacent to each other either horizontally, vertically or diagonally can be matched and removed. The gaps left behind should be filled up by moving cards that are around the gaps. Cards can only move towards the center of the grid, and cannot cross the center line. For example a gap at the second row and third column can only be filled by the card to the left or the card above the gap, but not by the card to the right or below the gap. After filling in the gaps, you can continue to match and remove cards, press the stock pile to fill each of the empty spaces in the grid with a card from the stock pile. Continue matching and moving cards util all the cards are removed, or you can no longer match cards. The more cards you remove, the higher your rank.