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Welcome to the hints and cheats forum

de Novel Games
2003-10-04 12:20:12

You can ask for hints for playing a game, you can also post cheats here if you know any. Happy playing.

de Novel Games
2003-10-04 12:20:12
Hi. At me to you a question, whether there are no at you discounts or holidays, when in this or that game it is possible to play free-of-charge?
de Vikylik
2003-10-12 15:30:46
En respuesta a #2:
Hello Vikylik,

Sorry if I don't understand you fully. Are you asking whether we will give out our games for free in some holidays or other special days? It maybe a good idea, we will think about it. But I think even if we do offer games for free, we will not announce it widely, so that you can have a big surprise! :)

de Novel Games
2003-10-12 23:58:52
En respuesta a #3:
can you give the popular games to all monthly newsletter subscribers?i only need cetus war leh!!
de sillykwek
2005-01-13 19:18:52
En respuesta a #4:
Sorry we can\'t do that, otherwise it will be unfair to those who have bought it. By purchasing you are supporting us to develop new games and support our old games. I suggest that you purchase it.
de Novel Games
2005-01-14 18:56:37
En respuesta a #5:
tips for animation puzzle pls,
de daxz
2008-12-21 13:54:41

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