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game request

por Dutchlady
2004-04-28 01:06:44
can you make a game like hamburgerking its an old commodor game we realy like to play that game in the old days
por Dutchlady
2004-04-28 01:06:44
Sure, but can you give us more information about the game? We have some difficulty finding out what the game is about.
por Novel Games
2004-04-30 21:32:39
Em resposta a #2:
sure its like donkey kong but then again with hamburgers you have to make hamburgers in parts and bonus points you get with icecreams to catch
por Dutchlady
2004-05-03 23:02:27
Em resposta a #3:
Sorry that I don't understand it very well. Are you talking about the classic donkey kong arcade game? But I don't understand how it is related to hamburgers and icecreams?
por Novel Games
2004-05-05 19:17:37
Em resposta a #4:
its not donkey kong its hamburger hunt but you have to use the ladders to to avoud the man who is hunting you and in the mean time you have to build your hamburger wen you catch the icecream you get bonus points and that will take you to next level
por Dutchlady
2004-05-06 01:32:43
Em resposta a #5:
I see. Maybe we can create a game similar to this one, we do not clone games directly. Thank you for your game idea!
por Novel Games
2004-05-07 00:29:29
thank you my members would love that they realy enjoy the games i put on my site if you want to take a look feel welcome at
por Dutchlady
2004-05-12 01:00:08

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