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For Immediate Release

Licensable Multi-Player Flash Games Now Available from Novel Games

As a renowned company in flash game licensing, Novel Games announced that their Multi-Player Flash Games are available for licensing now!

“Since the release of our first Multiplayer Flash Game – Tic Tac Toe in mid 2008, we received lots of enquiries about the licensing of our Multiplayer Flash Games”, says Peter Lee, CEO of Novel Games, “in order to provide more game varieties to our customers and to offer a more stable solution, we've worked very hard in producing more games and solving all the technical problems before we release the games for licensing. Today, I am proud to represent Novel Games and all my colleagues to announce that We Are Ready!”

Same as Small Flash Games licensing, Multi-Player Flash Games Licensing is available in two types: licensing the full game source codes or licensing SWF file. Licensing the source codes gives more flexibility, as you can modify the games in any way you want, but you need to have basic knowledge of Flash. A customization manual will be provided so you can customize the games easily. If you do not need the source codes you can license the SWF files instead for a fraction of the price, Novel Games will provide basic customizations such as adding your logo to the games, but you will not be able to customize the games yourselves. The price for licensing the SWF file ranges from US$120 to $140 while that for licensing the source codes ranges from US$240 to $280.

No matter you license SWF file or source code, Novel Games offers excellent game customization services and you can have your logos, your characters and other graphics appear in the game. They can finish your customization usually within 5 working days and charges at very competitive prices.

You can also download a Multiplayer Flash Game Server from Novel Games which is free of charge. With the Multiplayer Flash Game Server and the related client side Flash components, you can create multiplayer falsh games and even online chat programs quickly and easily.

Still have doubts in running multiplayer games in your site? Just go to the website of Novel Games http://www.novelgames.com/gamelicense/?ad=32 and download free samples before you place your order!

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About Novel Games:

Since 2001, Novel Games has been developing and marketing family safe games of all kinds. It now offers 201 Flash games for online entertainment, with new games being added each month.

Website: http://www.novelgames.com
Contact: Peter Lee, enquiry@novelgames.com
Postal Address: Novel Games Limited, Unit 532B, Core Building 2, No.1 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 27860761
Fax: (852) 27860771