Tips for Rotate Puzzle

Steps to Solve the Puzzle

There are two steps in solving this puzzle:
  1. Move the tiles until only the last 3 tiles are not in place
  2. Use a formula to move the last 3 tiles

For ease of presentation, the tiles are marked as follows:

First, you should finish the first row.

Moving tiles 1 and 2 to their correct positions shouldn't be a problem:

For the last two tiles in the first row, move the second last tile (tile 3) to the last position (position 4):

Move the last tile in the first row (tile 4) to the position below its correct position:

After that, rotate the top right group in counterclockwise direction to finish the first row:

Follow the same procedure to finish the remaining rows until there are 2 rows left:

Again, follow the same procedure to finish the remaining tiles column by column, until there are 3 columns left:

Now there are 6 tiles left. Use a similar technique to finish the first row of these tiles:

Now there are only 3 tiles left. To finish these tiles, you need to apply a formula which will switch the positions of two adjacent tiles.

Apply the formula to switch the positions of tiles 14 and 16 first:

Finally, apply the same formula to switch the positions of tiles 14 and 15.

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