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E-Cards Game Tips
Daisy Petals
A Simple Strategy
Loop the City
Basic Moves
Walls Logic
Basic Patterns
Row Slide Puzzle
Basic Steps
Twisting Cube
A Simple Set of Formulas
Monkey Banana
Finding the Path Quickly
Penguin Families
Solution to the Problem
The Three Bags
The Bag to Choose
The Eight Queens
A Way to Place All 8 Queens
Bridge Crossing
Solution to the Problem
Missionaries and Cannibals
Solution to the Problem
Wolf, Sheep and Cabbage
Solution to the Problem
Christmas Tree Light Up
Simple Rules
Basic Strategies
Four Piece Tangram
The Key Piece
Alien Intruders
How to Score High
Knight Switch
Getting a Better View
Hex Mines
Basic Skills
Tower of Hanoi
Moving Large Piles
Multiplayer Putting Pairs
Winning Strategy
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