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Cribbage Patience

Game Description

This game is a single player version of Cribbage. The aim is to get as many points as possible. This game is played with 1 deck of cards. First, 6 cards are dealt as the first hand, the player looks at the cards, and puts 2 cards to the crib. 6 cards are then dealt as the second hand, and again the player puts 2 cards to the crib. So there are 4 cards in each of the first hand, the second hand, and the crib. The top card in the stock is revealed, this card is called the starter card and is treated as a common card among the first hand, the second hand, and the crib. Each of the cards in the first hand, the second hand, and the crib are scored as follows: Fifteens: 2 points for each combination of two or more cards that add up to 15 (J, Q, and K are treated as 10). Pairs: 2 points for each pair of cards. Runs: 3 or more consecutive cards regardless of suit is worth the number of cards in the run. Flush: for the first hand and the second hand, if the 4 cards are of the same suit, 4 points are scored. If the starter card is also of the same suit, then 5 points are scored. For the crib, flush points are scored only if the 4 cards in the crib and the starter card are all of the same suit, in this case 5 points are scored. His Nob: 1 point for a J with the same suit as the starter. His Heels: 2 points for a J as the starter. After scoring the 13 cards are discarded and a new round begins. The game is over after 4 rounds.
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