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In this game 2 decks of cards are used. The object of this game is to move all cards to the 8 foundation piles. 4 of the foundation piles are built up from A to K according to suit, and the other 4 are built down from K to A according to suit. At the start of the game, 8 cards are dealt to form 8 tableau piles. The cards can be moved to the foundation piles if possible. When there are no more moves, you can click the stock pile to deal 8 cards to the 8 tableau piles again. Note that the 8 cards are always at the same row, so there may be gaps in a tableau pile if cards are moved to the foundation in a previous step. Any card that do not have a card directly below it are playable to the foundation piles, so any card in the last row, or any card directly above a gap is playable. When the stock cards are all used up, the tableau cards are collected from left to right, the collected cards are then turned over face down to become a new stock pile again. Note that the collected cards are not shuffled again. The collection of cards to become a stock pile can only happen once. So after the second dealing of the cards, if there are no more moves, the game is over. The more cards you put on the foundation piles, the higher your score.

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