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Social Distancing

Game Description

In this game you need to prevent virus spreading by moving people around so that no two people are too close to each other. At the start of the game a number of people will be in a room, where some of the people may be too close to each other. Press anywhere in the room and wind will blow from the spot you pressed and blow away people nearby. When the people have stopped moving and if no two people are too close to each other, you passed the level and can proceed to the next level. The closer the person is to the point you press, the faster he will move. Beware, if a person hits the wall, he will bounce back. You can also shoot a person to another in order to move him. Choose your spot carefully, you can only blow once in each level. As you proceed to new levels, there will be more and more people in the room and it will be harder and harder. The higher the level you achieve, the higher your rank.
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