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Ball Sumo

Game Description

In this game you participate in a sumo tournament and fight 15 matches. To win a match, you move your wrestler to hit and push the opponent wrestler out of the ring. Drag at the field and the wrestler will move towards the point you dragged. The further you drag away from your wrestler, the faster he moves and the stronger he pushes. Press at the opponent to throw him around and circle around him. Press at the left side of your opponent to circle to his left, press at the right to circle to his right, and press at the back to circle to his back. Use a combination of pushing and throwing and circling attacks to win the match. After a match, you get the choice of consuming chankonabe to increase your strength, beer to increase your weight, or rice to improve your technique. The higher your strength, the faster your moves and the stronger your pushes. The higher your weight, the easier it is to push your opponent, and the harder it is for your opponent to push you. The better your technique, the faster you can finish a throwing and circling move. In the first days, your opponent will be ranked lower and will be weaker. But as the days pass, your opponent will come from higher ranks and will be stronger and more difficult to win. The more matches you win, the higher your rank.
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