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Virus Outbreak

Game Description

In this game you play the role of an evil god and your aim is to infect everyone with the virus. First, you need to create an infected human as the source of the virus. Drag a human onto the table, put a virus on him, then put him on a petri dish to cultivate the virus. After some time the human will be ready and you need to move him back to the table, otherwise there will be too much virus in the human and he will die, and then you will need to start over again. Before you put him into the world to infect people, you need to attach an action to him. There are 3 actions for you to choose from: talk, shake hands, or use the toilet. Talking creates airborne droplets with viruses which can be used to infect people not wearing eyeglasses or surgical masks. Drag the human to those people to infect them. People with old or worn-out masks can also be infected, but you need to use more humans to fully infect them. Drag a human with the "shake hands" action to shake hands with a person to contaminate his hands with viruses, but he will not be infected, because the viruses need to get to the person's eyes, nose, or mouth to infect him. Wait for him to touch his eyes or nose or mouth and then he will be infected. Sometimes the person with contaminated hands will clean his hands before touching his face, in this case he will not be infected. You can try again hoping he will forget to clean his hands, or you can use another tactic. Drag a human with the "use toilet" action to the toilet and he will use the toilet and then flush it, creating contaminated droplets to spread throughout the room, infecting everyone inside. This is a quick way to infect many people. But sometimes people will step in and close the lid before the toilet is flushed, preventing droplets from spreading and no one will be infected. You can try again, hoping he will not step in this time, or use another tactic. Try to infect as many people as possible within the time limit. The more people you infect, the higher your ranking.
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