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This is a racing type game that is very similar to Ludo. The aim is similar, you move all your 4 pieces from your home square into the board, and then around the board, and then finally up to the middle of the board which is the goal. The rules are more complicated than Ludo's and require more strategy. First, you need to roll a 5 in order to move your piece from your home square to the track, the piece should be placed at the space marked with your colour beside your home square. Whenever you roll a 5, it is mandatory for you to move your piece from the home square to the track if there are pieces in your home square. Normally, you move your piece by the number of steps indicated by the roll of the die. When your piece lands on a space occupied by opponent pieces, those pieces are knocked off and go back to their home square, and you can also move any piece 20 spaces forward. An exception is that when the opponent pieces are on a safe space (marked by a star on the space), in this case you cannot move your piece to this space. When two pieces of the same colour occupy the same safe space, then they form a barrier and no piece can get pass them, including pieces of the same colour. When you roll a 6 and all of your pieces are already out of your home square, then you 7 steps instead of 6. And if any 2 of your pieces form a barrier, you must move a piece from your barrier, thus removing the barrier. You also get another turn if you roll a 6. But if you roll a 6 again for the third time in a row, then your last moved piece must return to the home square, unless your last moved piece is on the final coloured spaces toward the goal. An exact throw is needed to move your piece to the goal, and when you do, you can move another piece 10 spaces forward immediately. The player who gets all 4 pieces to the goal first wins.

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