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Tetradeca Mines

Game Description

This is a new variant of mine sweeper and cannot be found from our classic "Novel Mines" collection. This is a variant of the classic mine sweeper game but each tile has 14 adjacent tiles. The rules of the game is the same as the classic mine sweeper game. There is a large area of covered tiles and some of them contain landmines. Your goal is to uncover all the tiles without uncovering any tile with a mine. When you uncover a tile which does not have a mine, a number will be shown on it to indicate the number of mines present in adjacent tiles. You can then use this information to deduce which tiles contain mines, and which tiles are safe to uncover. If you think a tile contains a mine, you can right click to put a flag on it to remind yourself. Flags can also be used to open tiles quickly. For example if you have flagged a tile and adjacent to it is an open tile with a 1, then you know that the rest of the tiles adjacent to that open tile will be free of mines. You can then middle click (or left plus right click) on the open tile to open all the remaining adjacent tiles. The number of unflagged mines can be seen on the screen, this number can be useful in certain situations. If you opened a tile with a mine, the game is over. The faster you finish, the higher your rank.
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