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Animal Tiles

Game Description

This game is similar to Mahjongg. There will be a pile of tiles stacked on top of each other, you need to pick up same tiles to remove them. In Mahjongg you match 2 tiles at a time, but in this game you match 3 tiles. You select a tile on the board to move it to the tiles holder. When you have gathered 3 tiles of the same type in the holder, they will be removed, thereby freeing some spaces in the holder. The tiles holder can hold a maximum of 7 tiles. When it is full, the game is over, so use it with care. A tile can be moved to the tiles holder only if it is not blocked by another tile that is on top of it or partially on top of it. Because the tiles holder can hold 7 tiles, you can move tiles that are blocking others to the tiles holder to free up others tiles first, and then come back to match and remove this tile later. This game requires careful observation and planning in order to succeed. The more tiles you cleared, the higher your rank.
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