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Game Description

This is a variation of checkers that is played around the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East. The game board and pieces are the same as that in checkers. There is a game board of 8 x 8 squares, each player has 16 pieces. At start, a player's pieces are placed in the second and third row of squares from him. A piece can move one step forwards or sideways. A piece can also jump over an enemy piece immediately before or to the side and land on the empty square behind to capture it. After capturing the piece can jump over other pieces again to capture them in the same move. In fact it is a rule that you must capture the maximum number of pieces possible in a move. When a piece reaches the furthest row, it is promoted to dama (lady, a normal piece is called a man). A dama can move any number of squares forwards or sideways or backwards. When capturing, a dama can jump over a single piece any number of squares away, and landing on an empty square any number of squares behind. In consecutive captures, a dama cannot turn 180 degrees to capture another piece. Another rule is that after capturing, the captured piece will be removed immediately, possibly opening up new captures in a consecutive capture sequence by a dama. The player wins when all the pieces of his opponent are captured, or all of his opponent's pieces are blocked and cannot move. A special rule in this game is that if you have a dama and your opponent has a single man, you also wins. The more pieces you have when you win and the faster you do, the higher your rank.
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