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Robot Santa

Game Description

Santa Claus is very busy this year. Luckily he has got Robot Santa to help him deliver gifts to children. The area between robot santa and the house is a grid of squares with different number of snow flakes inside. Robot santa will move to the next square based on the number of snow flakes in the adjacent squares. Your job is to set the robot's order of preference on the number of snow flakes. For example if the robot prefers 1 snow flake to 2, and 3 snow flakes to 1. Then if the robot is faced with squares of 3, 2, and 2 snow flakes, then it will move to the square with 3 snow flakes. And if the robot is faced with squares of 1 and 2 snow flakes, then it will move to the square with 1 snow flake. If there are multiple squares with the highest preference of snow flakes, for example 1, 1, and 2 snow flakes, then the robot will be unable to decide which square to move to and it will break down. One more thing is that after the robot has moved to a square, one of the snow flakes in the square will melt, decreasing the number of snow flakes in this square by one. This is important as the robot may move to the same square more than once. Plan carefully and set the preference to guide the robot to move to the house to deliver its gift. Click on a snow flake to mark a cross on it, use this function to help you think and plan. Drag the blocks in the robot preference section to set the preference, click the finish button to finish and see the robot in action. The faster you finish, the higher your rank.
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