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Trivia Combat

Game Description

In this game you need to collect monsters by answering questions and then beat your opponent with your monsters. There are 5 monsters to collect, each one represents each of the 5 categories of questions: art, science, history, geography, and sports. For each monster, you and your opponent will answer 3 multiple choice questions, the player who answers more questions correctly will win the monster. After all the 5 monsters are distributed, the players will then fight each other with the monsters they earned. At this time questions from each of the 5 categories will be randomly presented, the player who answers the question correctly will be able to hit the opponent monster once. If a monster's life runs out, then another monster will take its place. When all the monsters are beaten, the player will join the fight. After beating the player, the game is won. Note that in the stage where the players earn the monsters, the more questions answered correctly, the higher the monster's life will be, so make sure you try your best to answer all questions correctly.


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