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In this game you will be given a grid to put colours on to draw a picture. To the left and to the top of the grid are some hints to tell you the colours of each row and each column of the grid. The hints are given as coloured numbers, representing the number of squares with each of the colours in that column or row. For example if the hint for a row is 3 red, 4 green, 3 blue, then that row will have 3 consecutive red squares, and then 4 consecutive green squares, and then 3 consecutive blue squares. Note that there may or may not be spaces between the red and green squares, and the green and blue squares. Another example: if the hint of a row is 3 red, 4 red, then that row will have 3 consecutive red squares, and then 4 consecutive red squares. Note that in this case there must be at least on space between the group of 3 red squares and the group of 4 red squares, otherwise the hint will say 7 red instead of 3 red, 4 red. You put colours on the grid by clicking the palette on the right to select the colour, and then you click on the grid to draw. If you are certain that a certain square is empty, then you can choose the cross square on the palette and click the grid. To reset the square, click the empty square on the palette and then click the square. With the hints of each row and column, you will be able to draw the picture. The faster you finish the game, the higher your score. Note that each time you play, a new picture and hints will be generated, giving you an infinite number of puzzles to solve.

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