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Game Description

If you are an enthusiast about snooker, you will definitely love the game of Honlok from Hong Kong. Your goal in this game is to shoot all the opponent pieces into the holes of the table before your opponent does so. When the game starts, you will be given a table consists of 4 circular shooting areas and 4 holes around the corners. You and your opponent will first take turns to shoot a white piece (the cue piece) to determine the turn order. During your turn, click one of the highlighted shooting areas to place the cue piece onto it, then click to place the cue stick, and set the shooting angle and force. If your cue piece gets closer to the center of the table than your opponent, you will be allowed to move first in the game. Note that you must finish your moves within the given time limit, as indicated by the timer on the screen, or you will lose. After that, 16 red pieces and 16 green pieces will be placed on the two sides of the table, and both players will take turns to shoot the opponent pieces on the opposite side. During your turn, you can click to place the cue piece onto one of the highlighted shooting areas on your side, then set the cue to shoot the opponent pieces by using the cue piece. The player who shoots all opponent pieces into the holes of the table wins.

The following are some special rules of the game:
•If you shoot the opponent pieces into the hole, extra shots will be granted based on the number of pieces shot into the hole, for example, if you shoot 3 pieces into the hole with one shot, you will be granted 3 extra shots.
•If you shoot your cue piece into the hole or out of the table, you will lose 1 shot. If you do not have any remaining shots, your opponent will be granted an extra shot.
•If you shoot an opponent piece out of the table, that piece will become a "small loop" and will be placed onto the center of the table.
 ◦You cannot shoot the "small loop" directly with the cue piece. The cue piece must bounce off an edge to hit it.
 ◦If you hit your "small loop" directly, you will lose 1 shot and the "small loop" will be put back onto the center of the table.
 ◦If you hit your "small loop" correctly but cannot move it away from the center circle, that piece will be put back to the center and will continue to act as a "small loop".
•If an opponent piece goes beyond your baseline, that piece will become a "big loop" and you must hit that piece by bouncing off an edge.
•If a piece enters the shooting area of your opponent, your opponent can use that piece as the cue piece in his next turn.
•If your cue piece hits one of your pieces, that piece will be removed from the table and will be regarded as being shot into the hole.


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