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Lasker Morris

Game Description

This game is also known as Ten Men's Morris. There are 10 pieces and the board of Nine Men's Morris is used. In Nine Men's Morris each player begins by taking turns to put pieces on the board and then move the pieces after all the pieces are put. In Lasker Morris the players can start moving the pieces before all the pieces are put. So each time the player can choose to put a new piece or move an existing piece. If a player manages to put 3 of his pieces in a straight line, then he can remove one of the opponent's pieces. When a player has only 3 pieces left, he can move his pieces not only to a connected dot, but also to any vacant dot. The game ends when one of the players is left with only 2 pieces, or when he cannot move. The change to allow players to move pieces in the first phase makes the game more complex.
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