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Tri Planting
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In this game you will be given a grid of irregularly shaped land to plant trees. The aim of the game is to plant and grow as many trees possible. When three plants of the same type are planted adjacent to each other, they will be merged into one and grow up one level. For example three seeds become a seedling, three seedlings become a flower, and so on. There are 10 levels of plants, try to fill up the land with the highest level of plants. Special items will be awarded if you can form combos (e.g. merging 3 seeds into a seedling, and the newly formed seedling immediately merges with 2 other seedlings to form a flower). A 2-combo awards the hand where you can use to swap the positions of two plants, a 3-combo awards the elf which acts as a wildcard to join any 2 plants of the same kind to level up, and a 4-combo awards the growth potion which can directly make a plant grow immediately. When the entire is filled up, the game is over.

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