Little Spider Solitaire

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Game Description

At the start of this game two red aces and two black kings will first be dealt as the start of 4 foundation piles. After that, 8 tableau cards are dealt as the start of 8 tableau piles, 4 piles will be placed above the foundation piles, and 4 piles will be placed below the foundation piles. The object of this game is to move all the cards to the foundation piles. The foundation piles starting with aces are built up with cards of the same suit, and the piles starting with kings are built down with cards of the same suit. At the start of the game, the 4 tableau piles above the foundation piles can be put to any of the foundation piles, while the 4 tableau piles below the foundation piles can only be put to the foundation pile that is directly above the tableau pile. Click the stock cards to deal one card to each of the 8 tableau piles, you can then put the cards to the foundation piles according to the rule above, or click the stock cards again until all the stock cards are dealt. After that the rules of the game will change. Now any of the tableau cards can be put to any of the foundation piles. The tableau piles can be stacked too. The tableau piles can be stacked by cards of adjacent ranks (wrapping from A to K if necessary) regardless of suit. If a tableau pile becomes empty, no card can be placed on it. In the first stage of the game when you are dealing the stock cards, try to remember the positions of the cards. And then in the second stage, you need to plan carefully how to stack the cards in the tableau piles, it also helps a lot if you can remember the positions of the cards.


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Peter LEE


Peter LEE


Peter LEE



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