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Showcase brilliant strategies to defeat your opponents in this intriguing Turkish game! Your goal is to form winning patterns so as to force the other players to lose points. 104 number tiles and 2 joker tiles will be used in the game, making a total of 106 tiles. The number tiles are divided into 4 different color sets, each color set contains 2 groups of number tiles ranging from 1 to 13. When the first round starts, a player will be randomly chosen as the dealer. The player to the right of the current dealer will take the position in the next round. The tiles will be randomly stacked into 21 piles, with each pile consists of 5 face-down tiles, and the remaining tile will be left face-down. The dealer will then reveal the remaining tile, and this tile will determine the wild tile in the round, which can be used as any tile in a winning pattern. The wild tile will be the tile of the same color and an immediately greater number than the revealed tile, for example, if the revealed tile is a red 5, red 6 will become the wild tile, while the joker tiles will be used to represent red 6 in the round. After the wild tile is set, the tiles will be distributed to the players. The player to the right of the dealer will receive 15 tiles, while each of the other players will receive 14 tiles. The players will be able to see the faces of their own tiles but not those of the others. The remaining tiles will be placed face-down on the table as the stock piles, with the revealed tile used for determining the wild tile placed face-up on the top of a pile. At this time, the player who holds the tile of the same number and color with the revealed tile can show the tile, so that the other players lose 1 point immediately.

To win a round, you can collect sets and/or runs, or 7 pairs, and reveal your hand. A set consists of 3 or more tiles of the same number and all different colors, while a run is formed by 3 or more tiles of consecutive numbers and the same color. Note that 1-2-3 and 12-13-1 are valid runs, while 13-1-2 is not. One single tile cannot be used to complete more than 1 winning pattern. For the pattern of 7 pairs, each pair must consist of two tiles of the same number and color. You can also try to complete the winning patterns by discarding a wild tile before revealing your hand, so that your opponents will lose double points. As the round starts, the player to the right of the dealer will discard a tile from his hand and place it face-up on the table. The round then continues in a counterclockwise direction, and the next player can choose to take the face-up tile just discarded by the previous player, or a face-down tile from the stock. The discarded tiles will form a stack on the right of the player who discarded them, so that only the most recently discarded tile can be seen. When a player reveals his winning hand, the round is won.

Each player has 20 points at the start of the game. After each round, points are calculated as follows:
When a player wins with sets and/or runs, the other players will lose 2 points;
When a player wins with sets and/or runs after discarding a wild tile, the other players will lose 4 points;
When a player wins with 7 pairs, the other players will lose 4 points;
When a player wins with 7 pairs after discarding a wild tile, the other players will lose 8 points.

When a player's score reaches 0 or less, the game ends.


Game Design:

Peter LEE






Alan NG

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Tracy TANG

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