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High Scores Tables

by Novel Games
2003-11-23 01:40:51
We've updated the high scores system of the flash games, to discourage the same person occupying all the slots in the tables all the time, and to encourage more competition.
by Novel Games
2003-11-23 01:40:51
Hello guys !

Sorry for all the trouble I caused. Maybe I had just too much time. I won't bother you any more. Perhaps I'll come back if you have new games for the JavaRobot :)

Ich der Meister
by Ich der Meister
2003-11-24 02:57:37
In reply to #2:
Please don't say that, you are always welcome to play the games again (and again and again). ;)
by Novel Games
2003-11-24 12:23:35
In reply to #3:
Hello, I like the games in this website very well. You've done a very good job. But I want to ask whether you can add a highest score table that is the highest score from the games released up to now?
Because I think the highest mark for the past day is quite a short period, it can't really test the real power of the players.
Thank you!
by Just For Peter
2003-12-12 22:05:49
In reply to #4:
Thank you for your suggestion. Actually we have had an all time high scores table for a long time, our experience is that all the slots will be occupied by the same person and so it is not very good. And because of some security flaws in Flash player it is possible for someone proficient enough in javascript or Flash to submit false scores. So I believe a daily high scores will be the best option.
by Novel Games
2003-12-13 12:44:49

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