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Space Invaders is Aggervating

by Dragon Bloodthirsty
2003-10-26 15:37:06
It's frustrating to be playing space invaders and that stupid yellow man shows up. He gives nice prizes, but if you can't hit him (like when a new level starts just before he comes) he can cut your score down to a tenth of what it was, and it doesn't seem like there's alot i can do about it. It's not fun to lose so much because I have a run of bad luck.
by Dragon Bloodthirsty
2003-10-26 15:37:06
Thank you for your message, we agree that it is very frustrating to have a digit eaten, but there are certain tactics that can be used to avoid that situation.

One is to save your special weapon to shoot the yellow man, that is, when it is about time that the yellow man appears, stop shooting if you have a special weapon, wait for the yellow man to appear and use the special weapon to shoot him.

Another is to kill yourself when you don't have the confidence to shoot the yellow man, so that you can preserve your scores to enter the high scores table.
by Novel Games
2003-10-27 10:48:31
A great suggestion for the game is to leave areas at the right edge of the screen by eliminating the enemies, then shooting at the yellow man. Also, with each weapon upgrade, conserve the ammo and apply it correctly (for example, the green laser is best applied by destroying whole rows, the blue energy is great for destroying fast targets, and the orange balls should be used in bursts). Conservation of ammo and knowing where to shoot will improve your game greatly, too.
by teh_nubkilr
2007-07-27 04:54:14

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