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Gems Swap III
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This game is similar to Gems Swap II but with some new features and variations. Just like Gems Swap II, the goal of the game is to swap adjacent gems so that 3 or more gems of the same type line up in a straight line, then the gems will be destroyed and the places where the gems were will be lighted up. New gems will be formed and you continue swapping the gems until all the places are lighted up, and then you clear the level and can proceed to the next. The first difference with Gems Swap II is that the fields are randomly generated. As the game progresses there will be more and more empty spaces in the field, making the game more and more difficult. The second difference is that if you can form a line with more than 3 gems, then additional gems in unlighted areas will also be destroyed. The number of additional gems depends on the length of the line you formed, the longer the line, the more additional gems will be destroyed. Another added feature is that when you are stuck and cannot figure out which gems to swap, the game will give you a hint if you stay idle for too long. With these new rules and variations, Gems Swap III will be an exciting game for gems swap lovers.

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