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Gem Swap 2

de ChrisC
2008-12-17 19:59:51
Does anyone know how many levels there are? I gave up playing for high score as it took too long and now just play for highest level. Best I have got is level 10 (the S shape) with one square remaining.
de ChrisC
2008-12-17 19:59:51
You are really good. I never get to that level.

There are basically 10 levels, and you will go back to N after finishing S.
de Novel Games
2008-12-18 10:16:23
En respuesta a #2:
Well I got to level 13 with one square left to flip, this got me on the bottom of the high score table with 61240, maybe it's time to retire?
de ChrisC
2009-03-11 02:24:25
En respuesta a #3:
I got to level 16 three times with 1 tile left. Seems like game repeats itself from 11 on but faster. How far does this game go? This game is getting too obsessive. I've got to stop.
de Anne
2009-10-11 07:50:32
En respuesta a #4:
I have gotten to level sixteen and its definitely obessive I play every day at work...I kept waiting for fireworks or something to flash to say ive won but nothing. Its kind of disappointing!
de april
2010-07-09 01:18:22
i keep getting stuck at level 24 , like the user above said its the same ten levels but after each cycle you get less time per level, that's the problem i've been having with l24 it runs out sooo fast
de gemballer
2010-07-11 07:10:32
I have gotten past the 's' shape. I repeats the 'novel games' shape after that.
de slsls
2010-11-17 20:55:19
I have gotten to level 28
de Cristina Ramos
2019-04-11 01:41:12

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