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Are you sick of seeing Ich Der Miser's name? Here's a game you can beat him at!

по Dragon Bloodthirsty
2003-10-26 16:17:40
The safe flash game isn't quite so hard as it is a test of patience.

the goal is to get the civilians to the little tent without blowing them up. As the game goes on, the people come more frequently and faster. If you just make all the people stand against a block for most of the game (and so there's however many people there you want) then you can get ALL of them into the tent at once. After some point (I think it's 70 people) so many people come so fast you can't even think about saving them (which isn't fun at all) so just sit there and let them build up. If you think you are close to losing, go ahead and send them into the tent (because it's bad to get 20000 people behind one block and have a bomb destroy all your people).

the people come faster the more you save, so if you get bored, save a few first (20 or 30) so the people come faster.
по Dragon Bloodthirsty
2003-10-26 16:17:40
I guess you talk about the game "save".

P.S. Daniel = Ich der Meister
по Ich der Meister
2003-11-03 04:30:51
В ответ на #2:
It's an English expression. It just means I'm tired of seeing your name at the top of all the lists.

It's nothing personal, all your scores were really high, and I wanted to have the high score on ONE game.
по Dragon Bloodthirsty
2004-09-07 04:55:32

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