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Hi scores and ability to duplicate them and cheat

by mksara
2018-06-30 12:06:50
I play Gaps Solitaire and one guy there, JNS is taking over the hi scoreboard by duplicating his scores and basically shutting everybody else out. Can you remove that ability? It happens if instead of hitting new game after you register your score and watch the ad, you hit anywhere else, and then you get the opportunity to post the score again. He has done this over 50 times with several scores!!

Is this happening in other games??
by mksara
2018-06-30 12:06:50
There was a bug in our system which caused the old buggy version of the game to be shown. We have fixed it and the correct version is now shown. We have also removed the duplicate scores. I hope you can continue to enjoy the game.
by Novel Games
2018-07-03 13:20:32

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