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ball lines game problem in down loading

द्वारा v k shaukla
2017-03-28 00:50:22
after downloading the ball lines game and trying to run the programme, the error massage comes
" The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author." Can any one solve the problem. I can plat the game online on the same laptop.
द्वारा v k shaukla
2017-03-28 00:50:22
उत्तर दें
I'm sorry we have stopped support for the previous downloadable games. Now you can play the games online in our website.

We are also working on a new downloadable game format and in the future you will be able to download the games into your desktop computer and Android or iOS devices
द्वारा Novel Games
2017-03-28 10:25:01
उत्तर दें
#2 के जवाब में:
Thanks for prompt response. Any time frame by which ,we can expect the support for the downloadable version of the game Vall Lines
द्वारा v k shukla
2017-03-29 02:45:49
उत्तर दें
#3 के जवाब में:
We do not have a strict timeline yet, but likely to be within this year
द्वारा Novel Games
2017-03-31 18:10:53
उत्तर दें
#2 के जवाब में:
approximate time frame by when the game will become downloadable. After all it may be development of small patch.
द्वारा v k shukla
2017-04-01 03:14:07
उत्तर दें
#5 के जवाब में:
It will be a complete rewrite to coup with changes in technology, so it will take some time.
द्वारा Novel Games
2017-04-03 13:01:17
उत्तर दें
sir, reference our request for downloadable feature of the game. I am still waiting, though more than 2 years have passed , and we were assured to get the feature within 2017.

v. k. shukla.
द्वारा vkshukla
2019-04-06 01:49:36
उत्तर दें
#7 के जवाब में:
We are sorry about that. We changed our plan and delayed our downloadable games project. It is still in our list of to do things, but we do not have a timeline for that yet.
द्वारा Novel Games
2019-04-12 10:47:53
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