Sudoku Battle

Who will become the ultimate sudoku master?
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Circle Your Land

Out smart your opponent and occupy more lands
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Mouse Trap

Trap the prey before it escapes!
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Multiplayer Penalty Shootout

Can you lead your team to victory and lift the trophy proudly?
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Pair up the tiles in this oriental classic.
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What's New?

We have updated Cloud Games and our website to stop showing Flash games but only show HTML5 games. This is done to work with the latest browser updates. If you notice any errors or decreased performance in some games, please contact us and we will fix the errors and optimize those games.
We have fixed a bug in our HTML5 games where full screen is not working properly in some browsers.
We have updated our game pages so that they are mobile friendly. Now you can play our games in mobile in a better way. We will continue updating our website so that the whole site is more mobile friendly.
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