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highest score in tic tac toe game

de GSC
2010-05-19 08:50:16
Just wondering if anybody has ever scored the maximum score of 100 in this game . My best is 95
de GSC
2010-05-19 08:50:16
I managed 100 a while back.
de Belldandy
2010-05-25 10:41:59
En respuesta a #2:
Thank you for the reply . More replies welcome.
de GSC
2010-06-03 00:00:03
En respuesta a #3:
how do you win when the computer plays first? i won all the games that i played first and tied the rest.
de vic
2010-07-13 07:39:18
En respuesta a #4:
Hi vic
thanks for the reply . The player who plays first (opener) has the initiative and this is a big advantage prehaps it the biggest in any game.
The computer plays random moves so it is a very weak player . when playing second against the computer you need to change your normal play . When the computer opens with a corner you need to play the oposite corner on the diagnal - this gives you two winning chances . Of course you would never do this in normal play as this is a loosing move . This has worked for me many many times .

When the computer opens from one of the side squares ( not a corner or the centre)then you play the corner either to the right or left of this square or as the case may be above or below it . This is a powerful move as it counters the openers advantage and gives the second player three winning chances . It is amazing how often this works .

When the computer opens from the centre there is little you can do only play a corner as in normal play and hope the computer makes a mistake - it does sometimes .

When playing second you also need to play moves which still give you a winning chance . Often it will only be a one in five chance but these do come through from time to time .

also when playing for a high score use corner openings as these give an 87.5 percent chance of a win - example if you open from the corner unless your opponent plays the centre he will loose . There are eight squares left after opener has opened and seven of these are loosers .
Hope this helps

de GSC
2010-07-15 06:43:27
En respuesta a #5:
Thanks for the explanation. I tried some of those things. I won twice when the computer started and I only lost once.
de vic
2010-07-23 10:39:59

This position has a strategy for both X and O.
The X player can win if O goes to the middle left or bottom left, by using top right.
The O player can place O in bottom right. This allows for a win when X goes to middle left.
de Piotr Grochowski
2018-12-02 23:00:14
En respuesta a #1:
lol yes i know that
de Scott Winnie
2019-05-17 02:45:46
de Scott Winnie
2019-05-17 02:45:52

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