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Membership System

द्वारा Novel Games
2006-09-25 17:27:22
We've finished updating the system. Now you need to register in order to have your name shown in the high scores table.

This serves a few purposes:

1) people cannot enter obscene words into the high scores table, but still be able to enter names that are uncommon
2) you don't need to type your name again when you play another game

Please let us know what you think.
द्वारा Novel Games
2006-09-25 17:27:22
उत्तर दें
Does this mean that the high scores table will still turn over every 24 hrs.Also do you have records of the all time high scores in Maths Search.
Its a great game. Been addicted for months.Thanks.
द्वारा David(Djfazz)
2006-09-26 12:14:09
उत्तर दें
Will this enable you to keep records of tha all time high scores.
In particular Maths search. It's a great game & I've been addicted for months.Would love to know how I measure up.
द्वारा David (Djfazz)
2006-09-26 12:16:55
उत्तर दें
How do we register please?
द्वारा Rebecca
2006-09-26 20:43:16
उत्तर दें
Can we change our password, name or email address after registration?
द्वारा David
2006-09-26 22:04:21
उत्तर दें
#5 के जवाब में:
You can change the password, but not other things.
द्वारा Novel Games
2006-09-26 22:47:04
उत्तर दें
#2 के जवाब में:
Yes the scores will be reset every 24 hours. We do not keep all time high scores, sorry.
द्वारा Novel Games
2006-09-26 22:47:50
उत्तर दें
#4 के जवाब में:
After the game you will be prompted to login or register.
द्वारा Novel Games
2006-09-26 22:48:39
उत्तर दें
#8 के जवाब में:
It won't let me register or log in, or send me forgotten password!
द्वारा Kitty
2006-09-27 00:28:22
उत्तर दें
#9 के जवाब में:
What did you see when you cannot register? If you saw "screen name already taken" then you should choose another screen name. If you saw "email already registered" then your email has been registered, and you should be able to retrieve your password.
द्वारा Novel Games
2006-09-27 10:30:22
उत्तर दें
#9 के जवाब में:
Pleased to find that the obcene names are monitored now. Great games
द्वारा brill
2006-09-30 04:21:19
उत्तर दें
The system is interesting. May I propose one more thing.

I'm not sure how you operate point #2. I have to re-login whenever I play (if inactive for at least 3 hours). Of course, my IP address is probably dynamic through my ISP - so that is somewhat understandable (unless you're using a cookie ...)

Also, if we are currently logged into the system - when we post a message here in the forum, our name should be filled in for us.

द्वारा DingleBerries
2006-10-04 13:16:08
उत्तर दें
#12 के जवाब में:
So how do I change the password? I have the hardest time remembering the one generated for me.
द्वारा princessperky
2006-10-11 07:50:54
उत्तर दें
#13 के जवाब में:
When you open a game, there will be a button on the top left, click the button to log in, after that the button will be changed to "Account Management", click the button and you will be able to change your password.
द्वारा Novel Games
2006-10-11 10:58:10
उत्तर दें

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