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Multiplayer Euchre

von Dave
2016-06-07 03:46:14
This game has bad flaws. Robot AI is terrible making me quit in the middle of games out of frustration. Someone entering the game room makes an existing game being played, crash. Game window can't be resized without losing all images. Needs a pause button when playing with only robots instead of short timer. Sending text to players doesn't work. Standalone version doesn't cache username or password. Spelling mistakes like "You Team", and score completely disappears on certain #s like maybe 6 or 7. The bad robot AI is the worst of these flaws, they shouldn't play flawlessly because that's not fair to mere humans but they make very bad gameplay choices far far too often. Perhaps it needs a skill level setting to determine robot error rate but I think the main problem is the programmers themselves aren't good at Euchre, left out some code needed to handle situations like not trumping your partner, not leading low trump when the other team called trump, and more.
von Dave
2016-06-07 03:46:14
Thank you for the message. We will check the game and will fix some problems as soon as possible. But for the problem about the AI, it will take longer to fix.

I'm not sure what you mean by "losing all images" when resizing, can you send me a screenshot to so that we can take a look and investigate?
von Novel Games
2016-06-07 10:17:52
Antwort auf #2:
Thanks for your reply. I've sent an email with screenshots.
von Dave
2016-06-08 07:03:00

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