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Lighting up the Christmas Tree

by mellissa
2009-12-14 10:44:44
Man, I have spent hours on this game, and I am thoroughly convinced IT CANNOT BE DONE!! I would love to know that some genius has solved this at least once!
by mellissa
2009-12-14 10:44:44
This can be done, you can take a look at the tips to get an idea on how to play the game
by Novel Games
2009-12-14 16:31:15
In reply to #2:
I have looked at the tips numerous times...and alas I guess I'm not smart enough to figure it out! :P
by mellissa
2009-12-15 08:26:02
In reply to #3:
My suggestion is that you start at the edges of the tree, and then manipulate them so that there are no dead ends in the wire, or loops. Gradually work from the outside to the center, connecting everything together. Happy playing!
by FPS_Doug
2009-12-17 07:17:52
In reply to #4:
I can solve this thing no's addicting and I really like it. Can somebody please explain the scoring? I would think the faster your time, the higher your score.....evidently that's not the case. My lower times have higher scores than when I take longer and my scores are only about 1/2 of what they have listed. Also.....everytime I click on TIPS it just opens the game....I can only view the simple rules. Am I missing something?
by -MOM-
2009-12-25 02:47:20
In reply to #5:
Yes the faster you get, the higher your score, and we have checked and it is the case.

For the tips, you need to click the text link, not the icon of the game.
by Novel Games
2009-12-28 10:43:36

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