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Typing Of The Ghost Minor Problem

по Harry Sack
2007-01-14 00:40:51
Great game - best typing game I've come acrosss.

There's a minor problem with the 'i' or 'L'. When (I forget which one) one of these comes up on its own you often have to hold down the 'Shift' key. This is not a problem at the early stages of the game, but when you're hitting the 30,000 you don't have time to think, hence losing points or worse the ghosts getting in your face and losing you a life!
по Harry Sack
2007-01-14 00:40:51
I'm glad that you like that game. Actually all the words are in small letters and you never need to hold the shift key.
по Novel Games
2007-01-14 12:16:35
В ответ на #2:
harry sack has a point..i was playing the game recently and a letter came up which looked either like small case L or capital I...i typed small case L numerous times and it wouldn't register..I believe this is a bug..please look into it
по daniel
2007-02-15 15:43:22
В ответ на #3:
You are right. We checked the game and fixed the problem. Thank you very much.
по Novel Games
2007-02-17 11:46:14

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